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As the driving force behind the worldwide program to expand all of the churches of Scientology to better serve their communities, Mr. David Miscavige has traveled extensively addressing hundreds of thousands of Scientologists and non-Scientologists at international Scientology celebrations and events.

Monday, August 31, 2009

David Miscavige--Charting the Course for Scientology Expansion

Each year in June, top Scientologists from around the world assemble aboard the Sea Org Motor Vessel Freewinds religious retreat for the “OT Summit.” It comprises a week of briefings, seminars and strategic planning sessions presided over by Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center, Mr. David Miscavige.

This year’s Summit marked the announcement and release of historic advances for the Scientology religion.

In this way, Mr. Miscavige keeps parishioners fully abreast of Church accomplishments, current planning and goals for the coming year and beyond. He provides them with the “big picture” of Scientology expansion and the future of the religion, including their part in the acquisition, renovation and staffing of new Churches, the utilization of new training courses and restored L. Ron Hubbard scriptural materials. He further provides updates on Church humanitarian and social betterment initiatives, including drug education, human rights, volunteer disaster relief, literacy and education.

To make the proceedings widely available, each event is recorded and subsequently broadcast to Scientologists from more than 8,000 Churches, Missions and groups world over.

This year’s Summit marked the announcement and release of historic advances for the Scientology religion.

Lectures from the Dawn of Scientology

Mr. Miscavige released a recovered and restored body of Scripture, the 1954-55 Golden Dawn: Phoenix Evening Lectures, L. Ron Hubbard’s first broad public lectures on Scientology. Lost from sight for 55 years, it was only through Mr. Miscavige’s research as part of the “Golden Age of Knowledge” that all of The Golden Dawn lectures and materials are now available as a full program including 26 CDs in 15 languages.